Custom Apps For Unique Business Needscustom business app built on Filemaker solution on mobile and web.



A custom business app developed on the robust FileMaker platform can combine your unique data and business processes into a beautiful, clean solution that is accessible from anywhere in the world via the web and/or a mobile ap\

The possibilities are almost endless in terms of collecting, integrating with, and making sense of your unique business data.

_Klar solutions has proven to be an excellent choice as per our business needs for customized app . The software developed by the team is blissfully simple to use. Chris does an amazing job at providing support

I am an experienced FileMaker developer who has developed a wide range of solutions for large organizations. I have built solutions ranging from large scale systems for use in high stakes testing, to small applications to help vendors in a farmer’s market sell their goods.

My FileMaker certification is your guarantee that all solutions will be secure, robust and scalable.


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