Custom Apps For Unique Business Needs

Many business owners find themselves with increasingly scattered data leading to inefficient processes. Perhaps they are copying or pasting from multiple spreadsheets and exporting from one data source and importing to something else. Perhaps there is data duplication due to similar data needing to be updated in more than one place as things change.

Others spend too much time collecting information from the field on paper forms that need to be manually entered to create quotes or work orders.

If any of this sounds familiar we can help. A custom business app developed on the robust FileMaker platform can combine your unique data and business processes into a beautiful, clean solution that is accessible from anywhere in the world via the web and/or a mobile app.

The possibilities are almost endless in terms of collecting, integrating with, and making sense of your unique business data.

I am experienced in developing a wide range of solutions for large organizations. I have built solutions ranging from large scale systems to evaluate health care providers in high stakes testing, to small applications to help vendors in a farmer’s market sell their goods.

My FileMaker certification is your guarantee that all solutions will be secure, robust and scalable.

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