Our Solutions

Here is a small selection of recent projects KLAR has been working on:


SimKlar is a custom FileMaker app developed for paramedic educators. It consists of a a web portal used to build and store simulation scenarios, a mobile application that lets facilitators run and rate simulations in the field using iPads.

A sync solution allows for the mobile solution to be fully operable without an internet connection. Once the iPad is back on the network the ratings are synchronized to the main server and can be viewed and reported on via the web portal. See more here: SimKlar website

              filemaker custom app on ipad


LaRocca Creative Cakes

KLAR solutions have created a wide range of tailored business apps  for LaRocca Creative Cakes to help them manage their day to day operations. Paper checklists and tracking forms have been replaced by paperless iPad solutions deployed throughout their operations. The agile development model is a perfect fit for LaRocca’s dynamic and innovative team.

La Rocca Creative Cakes (CNW Group/La Rocca Creative Cakes)